14 October 2010

Twenty Things

We just got back from a week in Hawaii -- specifically, the island of Maui. While the trip was wonderful, I was surprised by how many things I did not know about Hawaii / Maui before the trip. So, I decided to assemble the following list of 20 things I never knew about Hawaii / Maui:

1: Taxi cabs in Maui do not take credit cards. It is cash only.
2: All the cab drivers we had on Maui were Vietnamese.
3: Residents almost never wear shoes.
4: There are not 8 islands in Hawaii; there are 132.
5: Honolulu is really big and developed.
6: It is always windy on Maui.
7: People on Maui use a red dirt as a dye for shirts.
8: Timeshare / condo offers are everywhere on Maui.
9: Everything is very expensive.
10: A lot of residents are not natives of the islands.
11: Places on Maui are much farther away than the maps make you think.
12: Buses on Maui don't use transfers.
13: The state flower is the yellow hibiscus with a red center.
14: There are not many cinemas on Maui.
15: Maui has its own kind of cow for eating, and it is black.
16: "Hawaiian culture" is a mix of a lot of different cultures.
17: There are not a lot of bugs.
18: In 1898, Thomas Edison shot silent films of activities in Hawaii.
19: Walking in Maui is a lot like walking in Key West, Florida.
20: Hawaiian boys are as cute as you thought.

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