23 April 2010

And Now, Immigration

Why is it that the only time Arizona is in the news is for something either stupid or embarrassing -- like a stupid governor (take your pick), sweat lodge deaths, or the ridiculous speed cameras that dot our streets?

Well, we're in the news again -- this time, over a very strict immigration bill passed by both houses of the legislature and sitting (as I write this) on the desk of our governor who is mulling over whether to sign it.

I don't have anything against people of hispanic origin -- seeing how I am part hispanic, and all. I also have nothing against any other person of any other origin. I love all people. They are great. (Except people who hurt animals. They're shits.)

That said, I do have a problem with criminals. People who break a law -- even a law that some people think is unjust or unfair or just plain wrong -- are still criminals. If you don't like a law, change it or elect people into office who will, don't just go out and break it for the sake of breaking it.

People who are in the country illegally are criminals. Really, it's that simple. There are rules and procedures for entering America, and people follow those rules every day. Many people do not follow those rules and they are criminals.

But, here is where I have a problem: I understand we need workers to do jobs that Americans cannot or will not do. I totally get that we need seasonal laborers to work the farms (what few farms we have left in Arizona) and that we could also use workers for other jobs. So what we need is a compromise: We need to find a way to allow people to come to Arizona (and America) to work legally so that they do not have to become criminals to do it. But we also need to enforce our current laws.

Right now I am conflicted about this potential new law.

The Associated Press has a good overview here.

Addendum: Governor Brewer signed this legislation into law this afternoon at 1330.

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