28 May 2009

Saul Bass-ish

You know, I totally love people with talent -- especially artistic ability. I have zero artistic ability and really admire people who can draw a few lines and make it something recognizable, or write music, or create movie titles.

The spouse and I are about half-way through a French film called "OSS 117, le Caire nid d’espions." It's a spoof of secret agent films. The film itself is okeh, but what is really amazing is its opening title sequence designed by Laurent Brett. (You can see some excerpts of the titles in the picture I have included.) They have a wonderful 1960s style that is reminiscent of the work of the great graphic designer Saul Bass who is also famous for his movie title sequences.

The excerpts do not capture the fun of the titles, so you really should watch them here.

You can read more about the designer here.

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