02 February 2009

The REAL Best Super Bowl Commercials

Seriously, the people who vote for the best Super Bowl commercials must all be 13-year-old males who spend the bulk of their time playing video games and staring at the 2009 equivalent of a Farrah Fawcett poster.

Those of us who long-ago passed through puberty and developed something like taste have different ideas. So, ignore all the other "best" lists and just focus on the following:

Gold Medal: Pedigree Adoption Drive
This clever commercial had us laughing from the first sight of the rhino charging through the living room. Just the quirky idea of alternate pets is priceless.

Silver Medal: Doritos campaign
Both the "Snowglobe" and "Crunch" installments take clever twists that you never see coming (something like that bus). Extra points for quirkiness.

Bronze Medal: Monster.com "Moose"
Although we paused to wonder just how the moose could actually survive standing atop a desk with his head stuck through a wall into another office, this commercial sure made its point.

Honorable Mention: Budweiser "Circus"
While we loved the Clydesdale "Fetch" installment, the "Circus" commercial brought a much appreciated tear to the eye. What some people (and horses) will do for love.

Honorable Mention: Coca-Cola "Heist"

This commercial was a virtuoso example of computer graphics being put to good use to tell a story (not just show off). Although Matt and I are pretty sure the bugs would die if they actually drank Coke, we loved it. Extra points for having a cute sleeping guy in the spot.

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