07 September 2008

A Gentler, Happier War

Oh, don't you miss war years when everyone pitched in to get the job done -- rather than like the current war years when most everyone is in it to make the oil companies richer? Sigh. Those were the good ol' days, weren't they?

Here is a little piece of nostalgia: a 1943 radio commercial for Spry Vegetable Shortening, a competitor of Crisco which, as we all know, won. (When was the last time you heard of Spry? Probably never.)

Ration points, mentioned in the commercial, were little stamps you got in a booklet. You had to give your grocer the appropriate number of stamps to allow you to buy things like meat, sugar, coffee, shoes and the like. No stamps? You could not buy the product. This was to insure that no person got more than his or her fair share of that certain item -- to prevent shortages.

You can read more about Spry, and its primary spokesperson Aunt Jenny (pictured).

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