07 August 2008

Snakes Alive!

Okay, so yesterday we took a trip to visit the production company that is working on this video that I wrote for work. When we were leaving, I opened the door and saw this thing slithering on the ground. It was long and thin, like vermicelli, but ALIVE! First I thought it was a huge earthworm, then I realized it was a little snake! Of course, the girls in the office shrieked and admonished me not to touch it. (It was, like, ten inches long and thinner than a pencil. It wasn't going to hurt nobody.) I wanted to rescue it 'cause it was snaking along a pretty busy walkway and could easily be hurt by some imbecile who does not understand the importance of nature to our world.

So, I caught the little beauty, spent a few moments bonding with him/her, walked across the parking lot and found a nice shady spot under a huge tree to release it. While it was in my hand, it was totally calm and relaxed, its little tongue going in and out. I took a few moments to admire its beauty, told it not to be scared, and then released it. It was only after it slithered away that I thought I should have asked if someone had a cell phone camera to take a snap! Oh, well.

I did some investigating and it was either a blackheaded snake (similar to the one pictured) or a garden snake. Either way, it was beautiful and I am so happy I got a few moments to interact with him/her.

Also, it pooped on me.

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