12 July 2008

The Sporting Life

I'm not big on getting my entertainment via the web. I find it difficult to sit and watch the computer. It's not like watching television.

However, I just found out about this really neat (what do you call it?) internet series called "In The Moment." Basically a look at a bunch of gay men living in the same apartment complex in Los Angeles, it's produced (or presented) by WeHoLife. According to their web site, they are "dedicated to providing information and opportunities for individuals to learn, support and encourage healthy living with an emphasis on HIV prevention."

Anyway, so far, they have had two five-minute webisodes (what a cute word) that have been oddly compelling, focusing on some gay couples and some singles. The plot has not developed much so far (it's only been ten minutes) but I am intrigued.

Of course, there are plenty of naked and semi-naked hot guys, so that helps. (What? I'm married, I'm not dead.)

Episode one is here.

Episode two is here.

More about WeHoLife will be found here.

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