13 August 2007

Grocery Store Refugees

On 25 July, a pretty sizable summer storm swept through the mid city. It did not last very long (they rarely do); but it wreaked a lot of havoc: streets were flooded, some trees blown down.

The damage was pretty routine, with one exception: the roof to our grocery store caved in. After shopping at that same store more than a decade, we were forced to find other accommodations.

The first week we tried another branch of the same store. Didn't like it. Too small.

The next week we tried another grocer near our damaged store. Didn't like it, either. (A mid-century modern building from 1956 when the average human stood 5' 6" and weighed 120 pounds.)

Last week, we went back to the store we visited the first week. Still don't like it, but we are resigned to not having much choice. There are plenty of grocers in Phoenix, just not very many near downtown.

At first, they said it would be a couple weeks until the store re-opened. I thought it would be more like four weeks. We now hear it will be eight weeks in addition to the three it has already been closed.

I miss my grocery store.

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