26 January 2007

Cheap Pandering

What is LAB magazine? I don't know, really; but I do know it's got a neato premise, and some really great content.

While I have no relationship directly with LAB, I will say that I know two people who do: The fantastic Downtown Julie Jackson; and my wonderful s.o. Matt Hinrichs. They are both prominently featured in the premiere issue.

You probably know Julie, the creator of Subversive Cross Stitch. Well, I know her better. How much better? So much better that she sends us ketchup-flavored potato chips. Nothing says "best friend" better than that.

You also probably know Matt, the artist. Well, I know him better, too, seeing how he is presently at work in his bedroom down the hall from mine. So, nyah!

Anyhoo, check out the nifty profile of Julie
here, and the neat artwork of Matt here. (Please note that Matt looks nothing like his illustrated self. Why he drew himself that way I will never know.)

You can browse the entire mag online

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